Webpack 5 production

I have an existing production application that I finally got around to upgrading to webpack 5. It works in development mode, but production won’t actually run. The project builds, but I get the error TypeError: l.I is not a constructor

The error is actually thrown in my main.ts file where I am inside the bootstrap code

bootstrap(async (aurelia: Aurelia) => {
LogManager.addApender(new ConsoleAppender());

All the rest of my code here

This is a fun one where I can’t post the actual full project. If I remove the log manager add appender code, all is well. Something with the build in production is breaking this.

Anyone have any thoughts. As far as I know all of my packages have been updated to the latest

Might be silly but should it be LogManager.addAppender?

It is, I wasn’t copy and pasting so that is just a typo here