What UI components everyone uses?

Im using AdminLte and create a few custom db binded elements (rest api) on top of it, with validation and other stuff.
It works very well. And I can choose any bootstrap component…
For small projects use bootstrap 4. And create custom elements/attributes

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I am using the Google Material Components for the web. I created my own wrappers on it.
Also integrated them with Aurelia validation and Aurelia i18n.
See: https://github.com/material-components/material-components-web

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In the past, we used aurelia-materialize on projects with good results. Have a project now where we needed bootstrap so we tried the aurelia-bootstrap project but it was way too buggy for the 4.x branch so now we just have vanilla bootstrap4 integration.

Would have loved to try out aurelia ux/interface but

Aurelia UX - ok, I didn’t really try them. It took me almost an hour to find an online demo. After that I have tried few basic components. It was obvious it is all work in progress, almost every component has a problem. I’m not sure it is created by people experienced in UI. The progress is incredibly slow, so I don’t think they will be usable in 2018.

is way too accurate. We essentially wanted this way back when it was supposed to be a paid library and its estimated release was late 2016- shame. (reference)

+1 for Syncfusion. The Aurelia-Syncfusion Bridge is great. I have had much success using them, and there is even a free version. I try not to build my own until it is clear that there is no existing control that will fit my needs. But so far, I have had good luck with them and support is good as well. The only disappointment is that the Aurelia-Syncfusion Bridge only supports V1 of their controls, not the newly released V2. But still, V1 works/looks great.

Serious data requires well designed controls. Kendo has too much jQuery everywhere but Syncfusion binds well. Nothing beats rolling your own controls although it always takes longer than you think. Sooner or later there is too much baggage (shed loads of Javascript) with the huge controls covering functionality to do everything. As with Aurelia a lot is hidden when harnessing its power :slight_smile:

I’m using kendo ui for aurelia and bootstrap. My problems are almost all related with binding, sometimes I have to redraw the all component just to update the data.
It’s not ideal, but the components are well matured on the other aspects, like formating, paging, events, etc… ( Off course everything needs to be behind a wrapper )
So, with all pros and cons I opt by this solution on my team projects since early 2017.

I have updated @dunite/au-office-ui. It now hosts the React components built by Microsoft that are used for Office, Visual Studio and more. It is super easy to add and use in your Aurelia-project. All components are not yet included. But check out their site. It is great stuff they are working on that we now can reuse.

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I just heard of https://docs.atlassian.com/aui/ recently. It’s from a European software company.
They use custom element standard, so it’s pretty straightforward to plug into Aurelia.

I am currently using bootstrap v4 with kendo ui. I’m considering switching controls because kendo is really making bad decisions in my opinion. Bootstrap is a theme for them and since I’m using a material theme over top of bootstrap, I can’t make my kendo controls material like without breaking bootstrap v4. I have a help request out to them to fast track the issue as their old work arounds no longer work with bootstrap v4. My company pays a lot of money to telerik and the fact they waste resources on building custom controls for angular and vue instead of focusing on a pure native control set is just mind boggling to me.

I’m looking for a native solution that solves most issues.

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We did port a large business app that was initially in place with Flex, to AureliaJS. Choice of widget lib was done 2 years ago and we went for Kendo+bootstrap using Kendo UI Bridge (many thanks to adriatic & Jeroen).
We needed a mature grid control with many features just to reproduce what was available in Flex.
After this long dev trip, we are 100% satisfied with AureliaJs, and ok with Kendo. As many already mentioned, binding is not native, a lot of JQuery, not the fastest components set, but the support (paid licence) is reactive and after all Kendo does the job.

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With exception of a grid/datatable component, mostly everywhere I have worked has had their own style and components were built on an as-needed basis without using third-party libraries like Bootstrap or Materialize.

In my personal projects I mostly use Bootstrap 4 for most UI based stuff because I know it well, with exception of datatables, Bootstrap covers all of my bases.

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I think https://bulma.io is pretty neat


Since this came back up. My team switched to using Syncfusion native controls for all complex controls. My team doesn’t have time to roll our own.

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Since a few of you are talking about datatables/datagrids, have you guys took a look at my lib Aurelia-Slickgrid? It’s a wrapper of SlickGrid lib and it’s super fast and customizable. It works with Bootstrap 3 and 4, JSON datasets and even support OData & GraphQL, it has good unit test code coverage as well (over 95%). We always used Bootstrap for all projects that we worked on, so I’m comfortable with it. I also built Aurelia-Bootstrap-Plugins some time ago but my focus is much more on Aurelia-Slickgrid nowadays. If you are using Bootstrap, I think Aurelia-Toolbelt is also a really nice complement.


For charts, Plotly.js has a reasonably comprehensive assortment, although the developer experience is sometimes painful.

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