What UI components everyone uses?


Im using AdminLte and create a few custom db binded elements (rest api) on top of it, with validation and other stuff.
It works very well. And I can choose any bootstrap component…
For small projects use bootstrap 4. And create custom elements/attributes


I am using the Google Material Components for the web. I created my own wrappers on it.
Also integrated them with Aurelia validation and Aurelia i18n.
See: https://github.com/material-components/material-components-web


In the past, we used aurelia-materialize on projects with good results. Have a project now where we needed bootstrap so we tried the aurelia-bootstrap project but it was way too buggy for the 4.x branch so now we just have vanilla bootstrap4 integration.

Would have loved to try out aurelia ux/interface but

Aurelia UX - ok, I didn’t really try them. It took me almost an hour to find an online demo. After that I have tried few basic components. It was obvious it is all work in progress, almost every component has a problem. I’m not sure it is created by people experienced in UI. The progress is incredibly slow, so I don’t think they will be usable in 2018.

is way too accurate. We essentially wanted this way back when it was supposed to be a paid library and its estimated release was late 2016- shame. (reference)


+1 for Syncfusion. The Aurelia-Syncfusion Bridge is great. I have had much success using them, and there is even a free version. I try not to build my own until it is clear that there is no existing control that will fit my needs. But so far, I have had good luck with them and support is good as well. The only disappointment is that the Aurelia-Syncfusion Bridge only supports V1 of their controls, not the newly released V2. But still, V1 works/looks great.


Serious data requires serious controls. Kendo has too much jQuery everywhere but Syncfusion binds well. As with Aurelia a lot is hidden when harnessing its power :slight_smile: