Telerik Blazor survey

Telerik seems to be running a survey about Blazor on their documentation pages and forum, the survey includes a question about which Javascript framework you will be using in the next 12 months and Aurelia is listed.

Anyone using Kendo UI should consider completing the survey and giving Aurelia a little boost :wink:


Can you provide the link please?

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didn’t find the survey.

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I found it here:

It does not seem to show every time, though I can confirm that a colleague has also completed it.

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well, i still don’t see it.

maybe you have to be loged-in to be able to fill the survey.
I’ll try to login from work (I have the credentials there).

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My company already cancelled a large contract with Telerik due to them not creating at least a vanilla JS version of their next controls. We switched to Syncfusion and have not looked back.

Those links you provided are not good.

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Its a shame since i remember they originally wanted to go with Webcomponents but threw it away and decided for ng and react :frowning:


I have no experience with Telerik at all. But it’s shocking to hear such things.

In the past (from 2012 to 2015) I have been using DevExpress components for .NET. They also have webcomponents, but I have never used those either.

Currently, since 2018, I am more involved with webdevelopment, but I do not use any commercial 3rd party components at all. I have been developing just in plain vanilla JavaScript and TypeScript for two years now, writing my own HTML Web Components where it fits.

But since I started using Aurelia (since this year), I doubt that I will ever need any of such commercial 3rd party component libraries at all. I do not need them for my current development projects anyway.