About Au 2 Docs - components and related


i was try to do something simple but docs are not clear or are missing things like:

  • need to be clear how i create a component in TS and JS ( (the JS version is missing throughout the documentation as I saw in the au version 1))

  • How create a component ( missing JS)

  • To be more clear about Components with conventions and Components without conventions
    ( more examples in TS and JS)

  • how bind props with or without VM (ViewModel) (in TS and JS)

  • how emit custom event to parent component ( in TS and JS)

  • How i import a component without a ViewModel


Hi there. The v2 docs are still a work in progress. But rest assured, the basics of components are going to be covered as with everything else. Components are really important because they underpin a majority of Aurelia as a framework, plus they’re super flexible in what you can do.

Thanks for the reminder list to make sure we covered everything.


i know that the docs are still working in progress and framework is still in alfa.
i just give my opinion / show my difficulties about components when worked with au v2.

And beside cover everything, since aurelia give a choice between js or ts, i think before add new things to the docs, the things that exist should have a js version first.

The tutorials is nice thing to have but it does not replace the docs.

Thanks for mew features (like switch in template as well as the async in templates and flexible templates .)