Add UI Framework Topic to Guides Section

I’d like to see a disucssion of UI framework integration added to the Guides section of the documentation. Finding information about the UI framework options (both existing and future) is difficult right now as it’s spread across several locations.

Topics for the Guide could include:

Hello @scotru

You can see Aurelia-Toolbelt Docs here. Of course we are working on it for some changes and new components but we will update docs there accordingly.

Do you have any problems with Aurelia-Toolbelt? Samples? Docs?

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@scotru - you may not be aware of the difference between the “official” Aurelia documentation that is accessible via and the tools and related documentation created and maintained by various individuals and teams composed of Aurelia Community members. In your wishlist, you included “parts” from both sources and it is unlikely that you will see all that information integrated into a single portal since such effort requires more effort that we all could apply (see What in the world is the mission of AUCS for an example of trying to do a community portal and if you follow that thread you could make your own evaluation of why it id not succeed).

In order to get you started to create your own list of references:

  1. You already have the reference to Toolbelt - courtesy of @HamedFathi above.
  2. The aurelia bridges are best accessed via their related catalog applications:

Sorry for my slow response. Also, sorry if my original post was unclear. I’m not looking to see the documentation for all of these disparate UI frameworks integrated into the official documentation (I understand that this wouldn’t make much sense). I’d just like to the UI framework integrations referenced (linked) from the Official documentation. One of the perceived downsides of using Aurelia is the perceived/actual lack of integrations or supporting “ecosystem”. My premise is that making the ecosystem that does exist more visible would help mitigate this perceived down side.

I think it would help if there was a section in the official documentation that linked to 3rd party integrations (particularly UI Frameworks). I was able to find these from searching various places, but some new comers evaluating Aurelia may not take the time so search all of these different locations. For example–if you go to React’s website, you’ll notice a Community–>Tool’s section that includes a UI Frameworks area: This doesn’t document the available UI frameworks but it does provide links to them. It’s something like that I’m envisioning.

@HamedFathi I have not tried using Aurelia Toolbelt yet (I just discovered it through a link in this forum). I’m looking forward to checking it out. At first glance, it looks really nice. Thanks for your work on it!

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I couldn’t be agree more, there are several threads over the internet which lists most of the useful tools in Aurelia, to name a few take a look at this and this. Albeit, these are not up-to-date. yet, one could profoundly agree that we need an official place to reference useful materials .