AdminLTE LeftSideBar

Hi all,

I’m using AdminLTE ( as template and now I have a problem with the leftsidebar ( a simple menu ).
The problem is that it doesn’t open the child-submenu.

The console doesn’t advise of any error.

Here the source

To see that the menu “Gestione tessere” is saw like an " input" and not as the menu of adminlte.

Anyone have any solution?

Thanks to all,

I dont know about AdminLTE, so I’m making a guess: Did you make sure all required attributes are in? It seems to base on Bootstrap so there could be something wrong with the attributes on the menu?

Yes, it’s based on.
It seems like if there wasn’t jquery but I think I put everything it needed
I’ll continue to try to find this error… this make me angry because console said nothing… only this.

The sidebar working purely based on bootstrap, I’d think, so probably it won’t log anything because there’s nothing wrong. Maybe check what you miss. Like bootstrap.js?

Sounds like Bootstrap 4 Applied to a Bootstrap 3 Application (AdminLTE has both versions available). May be worth checking files such as CSS files, HTML files, and whether the Bootstrap files are in the right place?

I’m using adminlte 2. only bootstrap 3. i’m applying it … but i will check again.