Router vs Router-lite

I 've been using aurelia/router for a long time and I have pretty much managed to bend it to my will. I noticed that a lot of dev-attention has been given to router-lite lately, so I have couple of questions:
Why two routers?
What are the general use-cases for each and when to chose one over the other?
Which one has brighter future?

Hi! Glad to hear that you have a good experience with the router! :+1:

The first two questions are already addressed in the docs:

The router-lite one is smaller in size, supports only configured routing, and does not support direct routing, as facilitated by @aurelia/router . Choose your router depending on your need.

I won’t be able to answer the third question impartially, as I was contributing lately towards router-lite :slight_smile: Considering both the routers are well documented, as long as one serving your use-cases, you can simply keep using that.

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