AUCS - getting close to a group start

Gentlemen (I wish to be able to start with Ladies and Gentlemen), in a very short time (since my original post on Dec 18, 2017) we achieved a lot more than anyone would expect. If you search for AUCS in this discourse site, you will be able to track our initial discussion, as well as actions done in the context of building our AUCS web application (written in Aurelia, naturally), that I hope to announce early next week. The preliminary text on the home page explains the website purpose and organizational details.

This web app is intentionally made to be similar to Aurelia official web app (while knowing that imitation is a highest form of flattery). It has a similar list of menu items:

  • Home has a background that should immediately signal genetic relationship with Aurelia and few read only text fields that will eventually become markdown formatted text fields, showing the equivalent of ancient old idea - MOTD.

  • Guides is the future home of all AUCS group written guides rendered by the embedded instance of the Gitbook. This section is preloaded with some already written documents which I will describe in more details soon. As stated before, these guides are expected to gradually transition to Aurelia Guides, by core team executing (manual) pulls indepedently from our work in creating new guides. This method is a lot more friendly to the overloaded core team, creating infinite series of PR’s.

  • Blogs is the real and final home for Blogs written by members of AUCS organization (and wider), which will live in parallel with Aurelia official blogs .

  • Survey section will be used throughout our project’s life seeking concensus and new ideas in a proper democratic way.

Next week this project continues with the first Survey that will propose a first few project and ask you for your own suggestions. Before that I will publish sufficient amount of information about these few projects, that are all based on my own interests before starting the AUCS organization:

  1. CLI compendium
  2. Loaders and bundlers compendium
  3. Identity Management (aka Authentication and Authorization)
  4. Full stack application development