AUCS - getting ready to start the first of our projects

The project that has almost complete infrastructure built is Aurelia CLI Guide. While I will be completing the precise definition of initial tasks, related GitHub’s kanban project management, etc, I would ask everyone who is interested in working on this project, as well as other two project that I want to start in a staggered fashion to carefully read the Guide on AUCS Project guide:

AUCS Project guide

This is obviously a “metadata information” on AUCS Guides project, containing most of the information any newcomer (that is all of you) needs in order to have a running start. In theory, this information would suffice to get this work going and finished even if I am snatched away.

Well, I used the terms In theory and snatched; Iam not snatched and this is practice (not theory), so I want to provide enough time to answer all question about AUCS Guides project as described by this metadata (AUCS Project guide).

If you think that the answer to your issues will immediately benefit to many other AUCS members, please ask in this same thread. If you are a bit shy, consider asking in the Gitter chat room or ask me where you would like to discuss your issue.

It took me a lot of work to create this while project with all moving parts and it was evaluated and endorsed by the core team management. This was the most critical first step to pass, as we now have a clear path to eventually merge all our written documents with Aurelia proper, assuming that we do the rest of the work right.

Awaiting your comments, questions, suggestions for improvement …

P.S observe that this document I am asking you to read carefully was authored and published in the precisely same was as described in the Development workflow section (eating my own dog food).

Hi Nikolaj,

Very useful project guide. I am eager to contribute to the first project – Aurelia CLI Guide and I am also willing to contribute to the other two projects.

Please don’t confuse silence for apathy. At times I will be a casual “observer” and other times directly involved. I imagine that is the case for many people. Great work so far! Steve

Thank you both @didd and @smoore4moma for encouraging responses - I remain very motivated to help deliver these documents, so I am not going anywhere even if I have to write them all :wink:.

Assuming that both of you are ready to start right away and that you are familiar with the description of the AUCS project as written in, I propose to start tomorrow following the description in Start of the Aurelia CLI Guide article.

“Tomorrow” is just a guess - the instructions will be there whenever you actually join.

I third this sentiment! I have been working on the AureliaCasts tutorial videos, which takes up all my free time currently, but I’m watching the AUCS development closely and extremely excited that you’re spearheading this effort. Thank you!

Thanks @NickShallee (my namesake) :smile:. I also hope that some of the 24+ people will actually “report for duty”, as it would be best to start this in a staggered fashion, so the folks already familiar with the development process and topics to describe will be able to “on-board” the rest.

It seems that a clarification is needed

I should not have used present continuous in this post’s title AUCS - getting ready to start the first of our projects as nobody responded with a question “OK, what can I do now?”

Anyone ready to start with the Aurelia CLI Guide project, please check the initial set of instructions that are written 7 days ago and get in touch with me in our Gitter chat room.

In the less likely chance that there will more people “reporting for duty” than this project can accomodate, I will spin up the next of our three initial projects and we can decide who does what.

Please do not let me wait if you already know that now is not the right time for you - instead let me know when will it be, as I do have better things to do than to wait for a response :smirk: