AUCS is ready to start - last call for boarding

A similar announcement was made a few times in the last two weeks, so I am getting worried to find myself in trouble for overusing this forum. With apology to forum readers that do not care about AUCS project, let me list the “boarding instructions” and “list of destinations” once again.

“boarding instructions”

From the large number of AUCS GitHub smf Gitbook resident articles, please check just this one: AUCS Project Guide. This document is written in the form of a book that explains AUCS overall structure and goals.

“list of destinations”

is presented in the Aurelia Project Guide Projects section. This list includes the AUCS Portal which is to be considered as AUCS “overhead” and as such less relevant (we also got a temporary version for final AUCS portal, hopefully capable to support the task of writing the 4 initial guides)

Every community member who initially declared the interest to help building the guides (here is the list of all these brave folks :smirk:) - please let me know if you are still interested (and able) to help. Things may have changed for you and you might be still be interested but not having the spare cycles any more.

Use this GitHub article to share your intent with the rest of the AUCS team, please.

I was wondering for some time, why is it that I am typing more and more details messages explaining project details to a team that started with a ton of enthusiasm - and I do not get any question. It seemed as if I created this whole development infrastructure brilliantly, as everything seems to be clear to all.

Then came the wakeup call by @marcandre.roy who had the guts to tell me that I am indeed creating a complete mess that nobody gets :smirk: - see Gitter discussion February 19, 2018 10:15 AM for details.

Not to create a ping-pong game betwen this discourse forum and Gitter channel, let me repeat my answer to Marc-Andre here:

Basic orientation data

  1. Aurelia-community GitHub organization is the principal location where AUCS project lives. Aurelia Discourse Forum and Gitter are just marketing and out of band signalling channels.

  2. Please enter the AUCS project here

  3. Be aware that the repository AUCS-projects-wide-collaboration is the container for project wide discussions (using GitHub issues tool).

I realize that all misunderstandings and confusions are my fault, I will ask everyone who is still in the mood to help Aurelia by participating in AUCS project to take the following new approach:

  • assume that the project is created today
  • use the above written basic navigation datas as guidance
  • ask away until you are completely clear on AUCS