AUCS getting even closer to get everyone engaged

At some point in the very near future I would have to stop stating how we are almost there. So, let me explain what is still left to do for a few guys that were activated so far (on the infrastructure creation tasks)

  • Make a few finishing touches on the portal application:

    • Home page should be a bit more techy (at least to have support for markdown in these text panels explaining what is this app about), so we can vary the content of that page as the moment in time requires us to do.
    • Add the few lines of the code needed to run surveys from the portal (as different from posting the link to survey site in the Aurelia Discourse site)
    • provision the blog users (authors and editors and publishers - accounts that need to be authenticated)
  • collect the feedback from the first survey (that is something I cannot accelerate other than saying that those who do not respond until tomorrow will forfeit their chance to have an active vote on our first few project’s topic.

  • create the second survey, where the first set of topics with most votes will be presented with the prompt to place yourselves in the team that will handle these topics.

  • assign these teams to projects (this is completely GitHub based provisioning) and define the text initializing these project, very briefly. I am expecting that once this step is done each team will discuss the design and implementation of their task using the standard GitHub tools: issues, kanban projects and wikis). These details will be explained to some extent in my next discourse post, tomorrow.

Please do respond to the first survey at AUCS Topics survey #1, January 22, 2018 if you have not already