AUCS surveys - please respond quickly

As stated at the very beginning of the AUCS project definition, it is very important that we selected the most important first few topics for our collaborative creation of Aurelia documents. We should also find out team members interest, brief profile, etc.

As I do not want to create a recursive context, please - fill free add your comments on the idea of using surveys in this context, what other surveys might make sense etc.

As this time, please start with this first survey

AUCS Topics survey #1, January 22, 2018.

No need to say that the collected responses will define the next steps, so please do your best in dealing with this quickly. Thanks :smile:

Anyone interested in details of making surveys, please check my response to @bigopon’s question

Here is the summary view of the first 7 polls - please keep them coming and do let this view bias you :smile: