Aurelia 2+ code name


I think Aurelia should set itself apart from others in the spa world and code name minor releases 2.(x) in a similar topic.
Android has candy names.

Is this a good suggestion and if so let’s hear some topics? You can hate on if you want it’s cool.

Let me start with with the topic of space as a suggestion. Lots of intriguing ideas in the topic of space.


Aurelia Cosmos
Aurelia Black
Aurelia Eclipse
Aurelia Lunar
Aurelia Solar


I’m not opposed to this for vNext. Our new monorepo with the ability to easily release everything at the same version number certainly makes this easier/possible. I don’t have strong opinions on naming. I do like the astronomical theme.


Aurelia Jupiter
Aurelia Saturn
Aurelia Neptune
Aurelia Uranus (hehe - someone had to say it :wink: )


Keeping in mind that Aurelia comes from latin origins of golden
wikipedia && urbandictionary To me it always sounded like light || aura

I personally love the name Aurelia Luna, as it has a combined connection to all of the above, and it’s sounds really good…