Current status of aurelia-dialog

I would appreciate knowing what the current plans for aurelia-dialog are, since 2.0.0 has apparently been stuck in rc for the last few months and the actual latest release seems to be 1.1.0. Is it simply being kept aside for the time being to focus resources on vNext?

It’s in good state imo. Should probably be safe to advance, but it’s @StrahilKazlachev and @EisenbergEffect call

The main difference between v1 and v2 is the usage of import() in v2. Not much community feedback on this.
For now only what is in 1.1.0 is not published in 2.x - it is merged though. It will be available with the next release. If someone really needs it, can request a release now.

Currently there is no ongoing work. If the community has interest in any of the open issues it can comment on them, or open new ones and we can discuss what to do.