Aurelia 2 docs now have AI features

Hi everyone,

We use Gitbook for our docs, and they’ve recently made an AI feature public that allows you to ask questions, and it will consult the docs to help answer your questions in a more natural format. In the top right-hand side of the docs, in the search field, click on it to bring up the modal, and you can query the docs using natural language.

It will consult the docs and won’t always give you the level of detail you might require, but it can be a good starting point for a lot of queries that the docs already can answer.

Furthermore, the AI feature has also been primed with a tonne of code snippets which are also used to provide answers.


This is really helpful! Now just need more examples of the complex features and a matrix table of use cases: “au enhance for this” or “you should make a plugin” for some people to better understand some of the newer features.


This is a great document search.