We now have testing documentation

Hello everyone. Some of you might have noticed, but I’ve been working on docs for the past week and have made some extensive changes to how they’re structured, adding in missing content and a wide variety of other things.

One area that has been nonexistent in the docs is how to test Aurelia 2 apps. Unless you’ve dug into the framework tests themselves, you’ve probably been a bit lost (sorry about that). This is why the docs now cover the basics of staging components, testing resources (components, custom attributes, value converters), working with Sinon to mock/stub/spy on parts of your code and more.

Check them out and let us know what (if anything) could be added: Testing - The Aurelia Docs


Thank you @dwaynecharrington for your efforts! I’ve been referring to the Aurelia 2 docs for a while now, and have seen steady, and great, improvement.


Congratulations on the doc.
Even more for the “test” doc