Aurelia 2 Update - Alpha 8

As work continues on Aurelia 2, take a look at what we have been up to. This blog post covers alpha 8 as well as versions 7 and 6. We also provide an update on documentation.


Great! Very good to see how much progress has been made and that months of hard work by the core team and other contributors have led to Alpha 8 already! :+1:

Unfortunately for me as an Aurelia fan-boy that only follows:

  • The Aurelia Blog
  • Aurelia Discourse
  • Aurelia Weekly newsletter (does it still get issued?)
  • The mobile mancer’s messages
    it is very easy to get the wrong impression that the project isn’t making progress

While following the promising project of AU2 through the above channels I totally missed 6 of 8 alpha releases.

I would have felt much more connected and convinced to be patient when a very small update had been posted to the above channels about alpha 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

I would love it if someone could post the current status on a bi- of weekly basis (preferabele on a fixed weekday), even if there’s no news, that’s news to me. I am sure that others looking out for AU2 beta agree with me on this.

Please see my post as a suggestion and as a THANK YOU for the Alpha 8 blog post, which made me very happy! :smiley:


Blog posts will come a lot more often from now on. We haven’t talked about a fixed weekday, but you should get updates at least every other week. @dwaynecharrington?

Communication is one of the things that we are actively working on improving. It’s no secret the blog has been a bit quiet for a while, but that’s changing. As developers, we fall into this trap of thinking everyone else can see the pull requests and tagged releases in GitHub. The reality is most people don’t see that stuff, and if they did, it wouldn’t always be in an easily digestible format.

I can’t speak for the newsletter, but for the other stuff, I can tell you that you’ll see more activity in the Discourse, you will see a lot more blog posts and just better communication overall. We have done a lot of reevaluating and planning on addressing these things.

Like yourself and everyone else who uses Aurelia, we love this framework, and we acknowledge that the silence isn’t reassuring. If you’re trying to champion Aurelia at work or on a project, the silence isn’t exactly a vote of confidence. So, we are really sorry about that. Make no mistake everyone on the core team is as committed and devoted to pushing Aurelia forward, most of us are fortunately better developers than we are writers, ha.