Aurelia 2 Update - Alpha 16

Hello everyone. Can you believe we are up to alpha release 16? Work continues on making Aurelia 2 one of the biggest improvements over Aurelia 1 and in alpha 16 we get some great new changes.

The long-awaited work on enhancing now sees the API as easy as it was in Aurelia 1. The biggest change is the web components plugin has been ported to Aurelia 2. A few fixes and improvements have been added in as well.


This is great!

Any chance of a ball-park date (or range) when we can start planning for v2 to be released? I’m trying to plan for the future and some indication of, for example, ‘Q4 2021’, ‘Q2 2022 - Q3 2022’, or ‘2023’ as a target would be great!

Thanks all for your hard work!


Yes, bigopon is really making a great job, but it looks like some endless development, and not a release plan… may be its time to fix some most important bugs and make a stable release, and then continue improvements in new versions 2.1/etc?


FYI @netcitylife, the Aurelia 2 launchpad Github project has some relevant information. Projects · aurelia/aurelia · GitHub


What is the status with Webpack 5 as well as the latest npm yarn versions? Is everything working with the latest greatest?

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It’s using webpack 5.
npm should be fine.
You can test latest yarn2, we have not tested it much.

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Sadly I won’t touch Aurelia 2 until it’s well into a beta cycle

The launchpad project is interesting but still doesn’t give me any sense of time. :frowning: