Aurelia 2018 Year in Review


2018 has been an amazing year for Aurelia! We’ve added long-time requested features and improvements, enabled new ways to deploy apps, shipped modern, no-hassle tooling, improved our documentation, built up financial backing, made huge advancements in our vNext implementation, and grown our core engineering team by adding six new amazing people! Wow! Read the Aurelia 2018 Year in Review blog post for a recap of the year and to see what we accomplished for vNext in the final quarter. It’s pretty cool.

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Fantastic News for Aurelia and all adopters past, present, and future. Happy New Year 2019 :slight_smile:


Great news. and best wishes for 2019.
And Thanks for Intermediate Aurelia Development Worhshop.

Please guys take advantage of this fantastic workshop/video and contribute :smile:


Agreed Fantastic and Free! I’ll also be looking at Visual Studio 2019 and Net Core 2.2/3 preview perspectives…


Just gets better and better, never had so much fun developing apps since taking up Aurelia.

All the best in 2019.


This all sounds awesome and can’t wait for this year.

@EisenbergEffect one of the projects I’ve been waiting for is integrating Aurelia into Storybook. Given the nature of vNext with its new Rendering Engine, do you think its better to wait for that rather than doing it now? Also is there any intention for the core team to work on this or would this be something for the community to work on?


We’d very much like to have Storybook integration. If you’re passionate about it, we’d love to have you help out :slight_smile: The implementations would probably be quite different between vCurrent and vNext. It’s hard for me to know for sure since I don’t know what a typical Storybook integration looks like. While vNext isn’t ready for production use, it’s probably ready enough to begin an integration with Storybook. I’m not sure if the core team would own it or not. We’re very busy with the essentials of vNext now. If you wanted to start out the project with vNext, we could provide guidance and maybe eventually make it official.


Awesome! I’m happy to set aside some time to work on an implementation. But yea it would be great to get some guidance around vNext, and given the other implementations of Storybook, I’m assuming it would mostly be around the rendering and templating side of things.


If you want to do some research on what’s involved with an integration and catalog that here, we can try to provide some guidance on how to go about getting things started.


@EisenbergEffect, When can we test Aurelia vNext (alpha or beta)? We want to start AureliaToolbet for vNext.


@HamedFathi It’s getting close to when you can start testing some things out like that. It’s important to know that there are still a number of loose ends and the convention system isn’t in place yet, so it’s a bit rough to actually use. All that will be addressed before general availability, of course. But if you want to start playing around with porting the toolbelt today, you should be prepared for that challenge and expect breaking changes.

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