New Aurelia + Electron + Webpack - should I wait for vNext?

I’m going to be starting work on a desktop app – I want to use Aurelia + Electron + Webpack and expect to start from the timfish/aurelia-electron-webpack repo

Is there any reason to wait for vNext?


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vNext probably would not be ready for production usage in next few months.

@ajoslin103 We don’t have a release date for vNext yet, but it’s probably not going to land in Beta for at least a few more months. So, I wouldn’t wait on that if you’ve got timelines. We are working to make things as backwards compatible as possible, so if you wanted to update to vNext when it’s ready, your HTML templates should all convert exactly and your view models should require little if any modification. The area where things are likely to be most different are in:

  • The router configuration.
  • The use of the compose custom element.
  • Low-level APIs

I don’t expect updating the router config or compose element usage to be a major task either though. However, if you use some of the low level templating engine APIs and similar things, there will be a bit more work. So, just keep all that in mind and you should be fine.

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I’ll also add that if you have specific concerns, questions, or APIs you aren’t sure of, we’re happy to work through those with you, if you can provide the details.

I love you guys! I love Aurelia! (I first read about it on March 6th 2015 and waited impatiently until I could start my first project with it on March 26th 2016!)

I’ll move to vNext when it becomes available. Thanks!!

My personal #1 hope for vNext is that the cli will have an ‘upgrade’ command that will upgrade the framework inside an existing project - perhaps doing it as an upgrade branch that can then be merged? I’m sure you guys will figure it out : )

I was sorry to see the NativeScript guys decline to build an Aurelia version as they did an Angular version. Oh well, it’s native NativeScript for me until they do.

There is No Other Framework !!

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vNext has architecture changes that enable us to start the integration from our side, and later invite NS team for deeper integration. I have had a working PoC in this PR here. It’s very simple changes in runtime of vNext to get it working with NS. There is also PIXIjs integration experiment for better runtime abstraction verification.


(did I say I love you guys?)

ok, now 2019 really is my year of TypeScript, and it starts tonight !!


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Thanks for the kind words @ajoslin103 It really super charges us in our efforts and reminds us why we’re here building Aurelia :smile:

Has anyone started creating an official how to with electron? There have been a handful of topics on Discourse but information is scattered.

@elitemike We don’t have an official guide on that. However, if you would like to work on it, we’d be happy to include it in our official documentation. I think it would be a huge benefit to the community. If that interests you, all the documentation is now in the aurelia/documentation repo. There’s a folder named “current” where you will find all the docs. You only need to send a pull request to add a new Markdown document there and we can easily get it published.

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Part of the problem is I need to get something working well first…