Aurelia CLI plugin for v1 problems with requirejs-text plugin

If I create a new plugin for Aurelia v1 with aurelia-cli@3.0.1 I get some errors when running

npm install

Apparently the require-js text plugin is referenced to github and I could not get that to work so instead I found that I could add an alias to the same npm package. Below change to the package.json made everything work for me.

"text": "npm:requirejs-text@^2.0.16"


I got no problem on npm install.
What’s your npm version? Pls show the error message.

Ok, with the risk of sounding 80+, it now works fine.

Node v14.19.0
npm 6.14.16

The error i did get was
undefined ls-remote -h -t ssh://

And I bet an ice cream that I have not made any change to my machine since then. The command I used to start with was
npx makes aurelia/v1 new-project-name -s plugin,typescript,jest,vscode

I will just leave my first post, since it has happened to me earlier too.

@huochunpeng thanks for looking at this, I did not mean anyone to spend time on this :slight_smile:

It looks like that version of npm relies on “git” command from your box, and it didn’t find any (“undefined”).