Aurelia inspector for Chrome has disappeared

Aurelia inspector has disappeared from Chrome web store. It should be there. We need it.

Aurelia 2 inspector exists.


@EisenbergEffect @bigopon does the v2 inspector work with v1? if not, this is going to be a problem for my team as well, we won’t be able to move to aurelia v2 for some time

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If I use Edge Chromium I can not see it. But it is still there if I use Chrome. I installed it last week.

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Aurelia 2 inspector does not work with Aurelia 1.

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Please, someone look into why the Aurelia Inspector extension has been removed:

This is essential to us and many others, I suppose.

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Sorry for the issue, the team is working out the ownership account for the inspector, will update here soon.


I will be working on this tonight. Hopefully you will see it in the store tomorrow morning.


Any update on this?

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