Status of Webpack 5 support

As of now, aurelia-webpack-plugin has no support for the current version of Webpack, v5.x. Here is the github issue tracking this problem, but there hasn’t been any activity there lately. So, are we waiting for Aurelia 2 release to support Webpack 5 (by design)? I think that supporting the current version of such a large part of the web toolkit is very important for the popularity of Aurelia.

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Aurelia 2 skeletons have been upgrade to webpack5.

I think the question is more around “Will Au1 and aurelia-webpack-plugin be upgraded to WebPack 5 or will it be only Au2 that support WebPack 5?”… and I’m also curious to know even if it’s not a deal breaker for me.


I’m in the same boat. I won’t necessarily change, but if there are improvements that are drastic enough I will. I’m still hoping for a clean AU2 conversion of my project

Yes, even though as the others mention it’s no real show-stopper it’s still a bit annoying with the list of packages growing by the day when checking for outdated npm packages.

Just in the last 24 hours both expose-loader and postcss-loader released new versions that dropped webpack 4 support and adds to the growing list.

Also an npm audit shows that several vulnerabilities (although low) will be fixed by upgrading webpack to 5.x.

Sure Aurelia 2 looks nice from what I’ve seen so far and I jumped on the Aurelia train already in pre-alpha (from Durandal) which worked great, but this time I’m not so sure I dare to upgrade to an alpha version since the applications built with Aurelia1 here are now quite widely used, so I don’t want to take to risks when upgrading, so it would be nice if somebody looked into upgrading also AU1 to support Webpack 5 since I suppose a “stable” au2 is quite a bit away still.