Minimal Aurelia+TS+SCSS template

I’ve been trying to get Aurelia set up for a project, I enjoyed working with the tutorial package, but when I got to creating a new project for the second tutorial, I was a bit shocked.

It seemed like there was a lot of stuff in there I just didn’t need, would want to set up myself anyways at a later point, or seemed to just complicate things for no reason for me (gulp AND webpack!?). Even using the custom option and eliminating the testing frameworks it still was quite a lot bigger than what I like in a template.

With a bit of research, my (outdated) knowledge of webpack, and a few guides, I set up a minimal template that’s a bit more to my personal liking:

  • It uses webpack, with separate files for prduction & development (following the recommendations given on webpack’s site).
  • TypeScript support
  • SCSS support (with CSS extraction)
  • webpack-dev-server (runnable through the dev script)
  • Includes production “build” script

I don’t think I’ll end up updating this template, but for now it’s here if anyone’s interested.