Aurelia with Webpack 4 in .NET Core HMR not works

I used default project from Aurelia CLI but HMR also don’t work there on .NET Core project type.
It works only when I run it from CLI but not when I run project from Visual Studio.

From Visual Studio when I change HTML, save and refresh entire page still nothing changed.
I am getting messages in console:

Checking for updates on the server...
aurelia-hot-module-reload.js?e5b8:180 Handling HMR for app.html
process-update.js?e135:125 [HMR] Updated modules:
process-update.js?e135:127 [HMR]  - ./src/app.html
process-update.js?e135:132 [HMR] App is up to date.

However App is not updated.

When I run it with CLI I get other message:
[WDS] Live Reloading enabled.
and everything works.

Any help?

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