Aurelia2 equivelent to aurelia/v1 command line tool "au generate component

With aurelia v1, I was able to make a component with bash command line for example:

au generate component info-box

This would then create info-box.js and info-box.html.
How do I do this with aurelia 2? What is the syntax to do this with aurelia 2? I have used

npx makes aurelia

but the au generate command references the v1 aurelia-cli and says the project could not be found.

Thanks for looking at my question.


Sorry, currently there is no equivalent command(s) in Aurelia 2. We have not started any work on the Aurelia 2 CLI yet.
Currently you have to create those files manually.
In future, those generators (or called helpers) might come in Aurelia 2 CLI, or just in Aurelia 2 vscode plugin.


Thank you for the reply! I am learning and just thought I was missing something. Looking forward to a production ready aurelia 2 !