Book: Hands-On Full Stack Web Development with Aurelia

Packt has recently published Hands-On Full Stack Web Development with Aurelia by Diego Jose Argüelles Rojas, Erikson Haziz Murrugarra Sifuentes (June 2018)


This book lets you explore the NoSQL model and implement it using one of the most popular NoSQL databases, MongoDB, with some exciting libraries to make the experience effortless. You’ll also be able to add some advanced behavior to your components, from managing the lifecycle properly to using dynamic binding, field validations, and the custom service layer.

You will integrate your application with Google OAuth Service and learn best practices to secure your applications. Furthermore, you’ll write UI Testing scripts to create high-quality Aurelia Apps and explore the most used tools to run end-to-end tests. In the concluding chapters, you’ll be able to deploy your application to the Cloud and Docker containers.

By the end of this book, you will have learned how to create rich applications using best practices and modern approaches.

What You Will Learn:

  • Employ best practices and modern approaches to create frontend applications
  • Learn about modern CSS preprocessors and improve the readability of your application
  • Use the Aurelia framework to create navigable web applications
  • Write your own tests, making your application secure and fault-tolerant
  • Create solid RESTful APIs using the microservice architecture
  • Understand the NoSQL paradigm and get the best performance from your database
  • Integrate third-party libraries such as Gmail for Single Sign On
  • Write UI testing scripts and integration tests to build extensible apps

Author Bio:

Diego Jose Argüelles Rojas

Diego Jose Argüelles Rojas is a software developer born in Peru, passionate about technology, music, comics, and beer. He currently works for companies in North America and Europe remotely and simultaneously finishing his professional studies in Brazil. His main objective is to contribute to projects of social impact and to make the world a better place for all.

Erikson Haziz Murrugarra Sifuentes

Erikson Haziz Murrugarra Sifuentes is a computer engineer, scrum master, and DevOps Master with 8 years of experience in building different kinds of software solutions, such as his own programming language, called Erlan, and his own Operating System, called EriOS