Bootstrap scrollspy and router

Hi, folks.
I am running into an issue and cannot solve it after many attempts.
I am using the bootstrap 4 component scrollspy, which allows to link page anchors to lists.
It looks like there’s a interference with aurelia’s router into these anchors.
Note that if you try this in a home route, i.e. the ‘/’, looks like everything works.
The issue is when you are under a “normal” route, let’s say localhost:9000/scrollspy or localhost:9000/#/scrollspy, whether you stated that router.pushState is true or false.
When clicking on a link, a javascript error show on the console and the bootstrap plugin behaves wrongly. (it doesn’t select the correct nav item).
I made a minimal aurelia app which is in this gh repo:
Note that I also tried adding the data-router-ignore attribute to the links according to aurelia router docs which says this prevents link ‘hijacking’ but without luck.

Hope someone can explore it and help me find the answer.

Thanks in advance.