Bounties for smaller Aurelia tasks

Dear community,

with this post, we want to kick-off an idea, that has been floating around the core team.
As a way to increase the progress of Aurelia 2, we decided to put up bounties for smaller tasks.

Please note, that one aim is to reduce workload on the core team, so we really appreciate, if you can dig into those problems autonomously.

1. Aurelia browser extension does not work on Au2 sites
Bounty: $50
[$50] Aurelia browser extension does not work on Au2 sites · Issue #1315 · aurelia/aurelia · GitHub

2. Plugin migration to v2 for aurelia-smooth-scroll
Bounty: $30
GitHub - gooy/aurelia-smooth-scroll: A custom attribute that can be added to in-page links to make the browser smoothly scroll to the target anchor.

(update: this one is on hold for now)


  • Bounties are open for everyone.
  • The main idea is to work as autonomously as possible
  • Be aware, that multiple people may work on the same issue simultaneously
  • There are currently no rules for how bounties are set, but Prices are still negotiable

If you have any questions or would like to go for a bounty, please don’t hesitate to contact the core team here or in discord Discord

With our warmest regards,
The Aurelia core team


If you want to put up a bounty, we would appreciate you do it on here or in Discord first before creating an issue in the repos.

Please include as much information as you have about the topic, eg.

  • Current behavior
  • Expected behvior
  • Environment
  • Screenshot / videos

very nice idea. I’m not familiar with how to write browser extention.
but I would like it very much to work on other stuff when available.
looking forward for more bounties.