Comparing Angular, Aurelia and React: Is there a next-gen JS framework

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Kindly go through below link.

Is that he explained and compared js frameworks in right way or not.

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I will join you waiting for comments on this “comparison”, though i would say: generally, any comparison that doesnt go beyond the few sentences found in the framework homepages is no comparison.

Post date: 15 December 2015

I did not read the content of the post. Anything older than a year I personally try to avoid since front end frameworks change so fast these days. This is also why I think it’s near to impossible to keep an up to date comparison on all these frameworks. Not to start about bias in comparisons. I’ve seen lots of comparisons where things are being misunderstood or misused and than written down as “bad”.


I noticed the date, but read on anyway… until I saw “React focuses merely on performance”.
That’s not at all React’s focus from my perspective. In fact, you don’t see the word performance mentioned on the home page, nor its FAQ. Not even once.

The author should have spent more time learning the frameworks before writing the comparison.
It felt almost like an advertisement for “meteor”, which is supposed to support all 3 aforementioned frameworks and therefore rendering the choice non-critical.


Definitely, also Svelte wasn’t even mentioned. :grin:

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Was svelte around in 2015? I know its v3 just came out recently, which I checked out and liked, but I don’t know how far back it dated.

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I was joking. Haven’t heard much of Svelte before 2018/19.

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I browsed through their github releases and it looks like their 1.0 release was November 29, 2016