CompatibilityView settings in IE11 stopping the app at Loading

Hi, We have an Aurelia app created in Aurelia Cli -v 0.32.0 using requireJS and Typescript.
To be able to run this on IE 11, I’ve included the polyfill whatwg-fetch 2.0.3.

This seem to work great , but when customers added our Domain name in Compatibility View settings the app stops at Loading.

the closest solutions I could find is this, where they had similar problem in Angular. But none of the suggestions seems to help.

Can anyone guide me in right direction and help to solve the issue.

If iy stopped loading, it should have shown some errors, could you paste here those errors?

Hi Yes ,
Here is the error. It points to vendor-bundle.js

If I’m not mistaken IE compatibility mode runs in IE7 mode or something like that. That doesn’t even support ES5, so you’d have to transpile down to ES3 and add the appropriate polyfills…