Running Aurelia in IE 11

I’ve installed just about every poly-fill mentioned throughout the various posts in the forum and the framework documentation, but the site does not run in IE 11. It doesn’t even load. I can see it trying in the Network tab of the Developer Tools, but, even though it appears the scripts download, the site does not run. There is no error. Just no site. Any ideas?

Actually, when the site tries to load, IE 11, locks up. It says the script was taking to long.

I know that IE is a terrible browser and should never be used by anyone, but people do use it. It would be nice if there was some kind of tutorial showing how to get Aurelia up and running in IE; at least IE 11.

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Well, I figured out what the biggest issue was…Bluebird. If using Bluebird in IE 11, need to use “configure-bluebird-no-long-stacktraces.js”.

Now I need to back out each poly-fill I added trying to get this to work in order to find out exactly which poly-fills I need. But at least it is “working”. I put working in quotes because it is IE I am talking about and, of course, I am having other issues, but I don’t think they are related to main point of this post.

Once I know exactly which polly-fills I need, and have a perfectly working IE version, I will update this post so that if anyone else has an issue with IE 11, they can at least have yet another post to read through in the forum.


That is awesome. Thanks for creating this topic. For what its worth, our ui virtualisation is built to run on IE11 too, and its running well at

What its using for IE polyfills is from polyfill cdn services

@shawnmullen Apologies for the frustration. I’m wondering, if after you finish up this process, would you help us improve our official documentation? I’d love to have a dedicated article on IE11 configuration. I’m sure other community members would benefit from that. All you’d need to do is write something in markdown and send a pull request to our documentation repo. I could take it from there and get it published.

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Please 2025 come faster. Corps will be off and nobody will use IE any longer. Still dreaming…

there is also a need for fetch polyfill.

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Consider also the existence of the aurelia-polyfills package; in our specific use case it seems to be enough on its own.
Note that a fetch polyfill should not be necessary if aurelia-fetch-client is not used (unless fetch is directly called in the application, obviously).

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Sorry, I didn’t see your post until now. I did finally get it working in IE 11. There were two issues, Bluebird and the Dynamic-Html plugin. The plugin does not work in IE 11. The Bluebird configuration had to use “configure-bluebird-no-long-stacktraces.js”, which I believe is configured to be used in prod and not dev by default.

When I get a chance, I will try to write up something.


Hi @shawnmullen,

did you ever find a workaround for the dynamic-html plugin not working on IE11? I am wrestling with the same issue.

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