Invalid Charcter SCRIPT1014 IE11 - Polyfill help

I’ve been struggling to get our current application to work on IE10 and IE11. I am getting all sorts of vendor-bundle script errors and syntax errors. Currently, I’m stuck on the aurelia-validation package throwing a invalid character error when IE tries to read string literals.

Currently, I have @babel/polyfill/browser.js in the aurelia.json file prepend’ed. Any help here would be great.


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Can you help paste the error?

Well, it seems, to have resolved itself somehow. Not exactly sure what I did. Maybe deleting the package-lock.json and reinstalling packages helped? Idk.

Thanks for the quick response! I’ll reply here if it pops up again.

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It was probably caused by this:
I experienced the same issues in IE, it has since been fixed :slight_smile:

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