Docs for Aurelia 2

Is the documentation at exclusively for Aurelia 2?

I am confused because there are docs at as well, and neither link seems to indicate Aurelia 1 or Aurelia 2

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You are right. is the unannounced doc for au2, noticeably with many unwritten pages. is the current doc for au1.

If you are new to Aurelia, I would suggest ignore Aurelia 2 right now. Because there is not enough public information, you would spend lots of time digging though posts in github issues.

Leaning Aurelia 1 would not be waste of time. Because Aurelia 2 carried most of the design (those design that made Aurelia stand out). Although the core implementation is totally different, the user land code doesn’t change much. It will be relatively easy to migrate from Aurelia 1 to Aurelia 2 in future.


The fact that is empty while is not should be enough to make a distinction :smiley:

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