Docs on Aurelia 2 Changes to Plan for?

Hi All,

Am I to understand that the existing documentation is for v1? I haven’t seen anything there yet which refers to v2. Is the “vCurrent to vNext” topic category all there is? I was hoping to find some summary of the current changes between v1 and v2, so at the very least I can plan for that transition for this in this new project I’m about to start.

Also, is the Premium level of support actually available? Buying that support would help my client be more comfortable with using Aurelia as it is a less popular framework, but I put in a request on Monday and haven’t heard back.

I’m new to Aurelia but I’ve followed it online since there were still breaking changes being introduced for v1, waiting for an opportunity to use it.

You can find the v2 docs here which also includes a migration guide from v1 to v2