Documents out of sync

Is it just me or is the documentation for the CLI out of sync? I find command and instructions in the documentation that don’t work.

Is the documentation updated when there is a new release of the CLI?

Recently, cli changed its default setup from requirejs to webpack. You were probably looking at “cli bundler” document (which is for requirejs/systemjs based setup), and work on a webpack based app.

If so, “cli webpack” document is what you are after.

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Thanks that clarifies part of it, but other parts of the documentation does not distinguish between CLI Webpack and CLI Bundler. If there was a way to clarify what to do based on the choice when reading other pages. Maybe state that if you use CLI Bundler you will need to do XYZ and if you are using CLI Webpack you will not need to do this or you might have to do something else. Then there is the possibility if you are using CLI Webpack or Bundler you will need to do ABC.

And yes I’m using CLI Webpack. I think my dilemma was coming from CLI Bundler and assuming that I had to do these things, which I guess you don’t have to do with Webpack.

Here is an example: Validation

@y2k4life I share your feeling, the current doc is not very clear on the choices. You can create an issue on for this topic, I am sure core member @Alexander-Taran would happy to drive it through (hope he is not too mad on me to push him workload from outside :slight_smile: ).

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And it is not just with WebPack and the CLI. I was going to try the obserable collections. Where can I find IArrayObserverSplice? Fumbling through it I have to guess it is ICollectionObserverSplice There is another piece of documentation that does not match the framework.