Dumber 'npx makes dumberjs' sample broken

After dealing with nearly 20 hours of failure with webpack, I decided to look towards alternatives. Sadly, right out of the box, npx makes dumberjs is broken. This is not a good look for dumber. I’m dumb so I was hoping dumber would fit in with me :slight_smile:

I just need to write some code, I don’t want to deal with packaging, I was hoping this would be something I could make work quickly but considering the sample is broken, I’m not quite sure where to go from here.

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Thx for notice.
There is some breaking change in nodejs TS typing recently. Upgrading. (Merged)

At meantime, you can fix it by updating your package.json

"@types/node": "^18.0.0",

Also, this kind of issue is easier to get response on a new GitHub issue :slight_smile:

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I tried out webpack and while I could get it to work, that config file… just no thanks.

So I went with Parcel (it’s included as one of the packagers during the npx Aurelia setup (need to choose custom and step through the options for packaging).

Parcel runs fast and spits out an html and js file.
It also has a nice hot reload server.

Been using Aurelia for about a month and it’s fun with parcel.

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