Framework version history with full package/version list of dependencies

I’m looking for something that I am almost certain that I have found before, but for some reason, I can’t seem to find it now.

I need a list of Aurelia framework versions/releases, each with a list of the aurelia-* package versions that are shipped with that framework version. I am trying to analyze an existing project that is having issues with karma/protractor/jasmine tests. We are also having problems upgrading to newer Aurelia framework without breaking. The project is pre-cli.

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If you have package-lock.json or yarn.lock committed to git, that could help.

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I was also having issues with karma/jasmine tests in a Aurelia project I setup using cli last week.
Tests would not run at all giving me errors on FS. Not sure if you are running into the same issue but I resolved mine by adding the following to the webpack config:

  node: {
    fs: 'empty'

And I also updated karma-webpack to version: ^4.0.0-rc.3

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I’ve made some progress on my issue, but still need the detailed version history, if someone knows where to find it. I need a list of the aurelia versions released, and for each version, i need a list of the package versions of all of the aurelia packages that are considered proper for that aurelia version. I know that I’ve found this before (I believe on the website), but I have not been able to locate it again, and I did not bookmark it.

The project I am working in is an older project that was based on aurelia skeleton-navigation-1.1.0/skeleton-esnext. There have been several attempts to upgrade the project and I am not sure if the versions of various aurelia packages are correct to work with each other. The project uses the older npm/jspm mixed configuration, and the aurelia/gulp build process (no webpack, no typescript).

I don’t know that I can offer any advice for @michaelw85, as I am using a completely different build system. I can say that my experience so far has been that karma doesn’t seem to handle paths well, if they are not preceeded with ./ or a fully qualified path.

I mentioned the paths starting with ./ because karma was not able to find imports if the path was relative and did not start with ./

for example…

import { BaseConfig} from ‘baseconfig’;
import { Session} from ‘models/session’;

would result in 404 errors in the test runner, whereas…

import { BaseConfig} from ‘./baseconfig’;
import { Session} from ‘./models/session’;

would work.

hope this helps someone.