Table of Aurelia packages and Aurelia version target?

Can someone from the core team put together a table of all of the Aurelia packages and indicate which ones are meant as direct user dependencies, and for which version of Aurelia they target? I’m thinking something like this, but your knowledge may expand it:

Package Dependency Type Aurelia 1 Aurelia 2
@aurelia/fetch-client RUNTIME 0.* ???
aurelia-animator-css RUNTIME 1.* ???
aurelia-bootstrapper RUNTIME 2.* ???
aurelia-cli DEVEL 2.* ???
aurelia-loader-nodejs DEVEL 1.* ???
aurelia-pal-nodejs DEVEL 2.* ???
aurelia-testing DEVEL 1.* ???
aurelia-webpack-plugin DEVEL 5.* ???

I’m thinking this would be useful for many, especially when planning to migrate to Au2. Right now it’s a sea of packages and I never know what’s what.


Let’s share the workload…
You assemble list of all the packages… I’ll fill in the gaps…
Would be easier to look Arurelia repos @ github vs npmjs