How about lit-html

The lit-html templating library from the Polymer team seems to use a very clean way to express markup in JavaScript.
In Aurelia, as long as I know, writing HTML in JavaScript is a little unpleasant because of the interpolation: <p>Hello, \${name}<p>.

I was thinking it would be nice using something like lit-html and get rid of the backslash.

Happy Holidays!

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It looks nice until you start to get into nested templates via things like if, repeat, etc. Then it gets nasty real quick. I’ve been watching lit-html and similar approaches for a long time and have done some prototyping with them. I don’t think that’s the way we want to go. I think we’re more likely to enable a single-file approach via HTML where you would have script, template, and style tags in a single file. This is similar to what some other frameworks are doing and we can easily write bundler plugins and AOT optimizations for this pattern.