How to run a gist in gistrun

I have looked for this and there seems to be no information on how to run a gist in gistrun. If I work on a gist how do I run it? Surely I dont copy and paste everything into gistrun from the gist…

I have stumbled onto this. Found that you can simply put the URL of the gist into gistrun at the top and that links them.


Hi Alex and others… As you might have guessed I am having a crack at re-creating my problem in gistrun. So I have edited the gist. Fine. Now when I run it, it will only run the original forked gist and not include any of the changes I have made. You can see I have made changes… how do you run a gist with the changes in Gistrun?

My other problem is that all my code is in Typescript and I am having to write this in JavaScript with no typing… Not sure if it can handle Typescript…

you can feed gist run the address of your gist… the forked one (
and paste it here:

you will get to this url then:

typescript it cannot handle, I guess.
I’m glad that you are still trying to figure it out

I have to. Its the very last thing I need for an end to end proof of concept. I am also working two full time jobs which is hampering me a bit.

Don’t give up
We’ll figure it out

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Have a look at the demo app
Gists there support typescript with materialize-css. If you need another framework you will have to build your own jspm bundle. Source for that demo app will give you hints on how to do that

pretty soon we’ll have stackblitz support I hope.
then it’ll require less fiddling from the newcomers to get things going