Problems with Gistrun and getting changes to manifest in the gistrun environment

I am having some basic trouble with the operation of gistrun. I have created a gist based on Jeremy Danyow’s validation example.

First I copied all the files one by one from his example into a new gist.

The next thing I did was run it. It worked as it did in his example.

The next thing I did was change one line. I did this by clicking edit. In App.html I added a heading. I went down to the bottom and clicked update public gist.

I then went to gistrun in another tab and clicked update gist… and nothing. Even the change doesnt seem to be there.

Whats the basic operation for this? How do I make changes and have them permeate to gistrun?

I remember someone saying he was having problem of his gist cleaned out when updating multiple times when cloning a gist multiple times (f1 gist -> f2 gist -> f3 gist). Probably you should work “slower”, by only cloning one gist, work with it, update it and then clone another to test different things.

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I created this gist from scratch - no forking. It appears I can update the gistrun with modifications but they dont translate to the gist and if I edit the gist (click edit) this does not update the gistrun. Is there a way of running an edited gist after its been updated?

by going to gist run and pasting an url of you gist I guess

That was me:


I have been having another look at gistrun for the purposes of creating a mockup of the problem I am facing here.

The problem is that I cannot update a parent bound aurelia-bootstrap typeahead in a custom element.

I used Jdanjow’s validation example as the basis for my gist. I have stripped out the validation detail leaving only the basic custom element with form.

What I wanted to do is add in Tochoromero’s Aurelia-bootstrap plugin. Thing is I clearly dont know how to do this.

All I did was to add .plugin('aurelia-bootstrap'); into the main.js however that just leaves the gist crashed.

So before I can even get this mock up I need to get this plugin working in a gist and actually working with a typeahead in the address form ( I was going to mirror the example for typeahead here but I cant get the actual plugin to work).

Can somebody look at the gist and recommend how to set this up so that it works?

My gist is HERE

It still has the Aurelia-bootstrap plugin added into the main…