I got error, after start

Hi everyone,
after executing this command, au run --open I get an error message

enquirer\lib\symbols.js:20 indicator: colors.symbols.check,

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘check’ of undefined category:5

Why is that, how can I fix this error? Can someone help me ?
Thank you in advance for your efforts.

That sounds utterly weird. Which node/npm version are you running on your machine?

thank you for your question.
node 14.16.0, npm 7.6
That’s why it didn’t work. I needed an older version. Now it works

Still very interesting why it doesnt work with the newer node version. Which version of aurelia-cli is installed? I think you can run au --version

I am looking into it.

I could not reproduce the issue with both webpack app and cli-bundler app.

From your error log, it looks like a broken npm dependency. What did you use to install the npm dependencies? npm, yarn, yarn2 or pnpm?

I am guessing if you use node 14.16.0 npm 7.6.1 again with flesh installed dependencies, it will work.