Jquery UI AUtocomplete not working in aurelia

Jquery UI AUtocomplete not working in aurelia.

I INstalled jquery and Jquery ui plugin.

But still getting error when i use autocomplete

Error TS2551 Property ‘autocomplete’ does not exist on type ‘JQuery’.

Below are code. Kindly suggest
("#searchText").autocomplete({ source: tags, create: function () { //access to jQuery Autocomplete widget differs depending //on jQuery UI version - you can also try .data('autocomplete') (this).data(‘uiAutocomplete’)._renderMenu = customRenderMenu;

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You will probably need to do something like following:

npm i @types/jqueryui

and then in your code, where jquery ui autocomplete is used, do:

/// <reference types="jqueryui" />

Can you try this?