Multiselect autocomplete component for tag based search

Dear all,

I would like to add a search field, where the user can select from a list of predefined tags. Do you know of any multiselect input field with autocomplete for aurelia? I found some for react, ng, jquery, native javascript but for aurelia I only found an old undocumented one:

In the past I had some difficulties porting native javascript components to aurelia.

Any help is appreciated.



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Well, you can use a regular with list attribute: HTML input list Attribute

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Hi @mreiche,

Thanks, but this is not exactly what I was looking for. At the end I finished developing it myself. You can find a prototype here: GistRun



thanks for the awesome information.

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I recommend Tagify - Tags input Component

although it’s not directly for aurelia, it’s still very easy to use in aurelia (just as all other JS plugins…)

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