View Intellisense is Not Working with aurelia plugin 1.0.5

I have used aurelia for several years now and I was excited to see that they released a new plugin with autocomplete and go to definition. I updated my plugin and went to try out the new features and I could not get them to work.

I have checked and I am using version 1.0.5 of the plugin. I am using typescript and I am sticking to the convention with the view view-model relationship.

Do I need to set up related files to get the autocomplete and go to the definition to work?

Is anybody else having this problem?

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Hi CBerkley, It’s still an experimental feature; which means you need to turn it on/ enable it explicitly by adding

    "aurelia.featureToggles": {
		  "smartAutocomplete": true

in your settings.json (CTRL+SHIFT+P then type open settings) and pick the one with (JSON) to add it.

Do you have that set? I don’t think it’s required to reboot vscode for that to activate.


Thanks, I do not. I must have not read the blog post close enough on that. I will definitely do that.

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