Open Source Audiobook Library using Aurelia

I’ve started working on an open source audiobook library. My goal is to create something where I can host it on my synology with docker and use it see all the audiobooks I own and download them and share them with my family. I’m thinking of something like Plex for audiobooks.

I’m using Aurelia on the front-end. If anyone wants to contribute feel free to ping me!

It could be a good project to showcase Aurelia in the future.


Nice! Do you have a demo environment available?

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Not at the moment, but that is a good idea.


This is fun, but just in case you didn’t already know: you can index audiobooks in a music library with Plex. It picks up the metadata quite well. Make sure to check the box in the library settings to have Plex remember playback progress though.

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I use Plex for movies and TV shows. I wish they would support audiobooks. I’ve heard of people hacking stuff together for subpar experience. I would just like the ability to store the audiobooks on my NAS and download them to my favorite player - like bookmobile.

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Just as an update, I abandoned the project when I learned about the Prologue app which integrates with Plex. I now put all my audiobooks in Plex and stream on my iPhone through Prologue.