Single Page & SEO

I started to look into SEO meta info for content, and it got me thinking. How can SEO be done on a single-page app where the content data is loaded afterward? It’s not part of the initial HTML stream, and so I don’t see how crawlers or social media sites can scrape that information. How are you handling it?

So, it appears I have to do server-side rendering. How complicated is it to migrate v1 to v2, and then change a single-page client-only app to server-side rendering? Any advise or guides?

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Not sure that you need to migrate to v2 for that. There is an example repo that you could check out, that uses SSR: GitHub - Vheissu/aurelia-ssr-js: A basic sample application for server-side rendering in Aurelia using Javascript, Webpack and popular libraries. This package includes libraries such as jQuery and Bootstrap, to showcase how they work as well as best practices for an SSR app in Aurelia.

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Thanks. I’ll check that out.