Is Aurelia SEO friendly?

A while ago, a friend asked me about SEO in Aurelia.

He works with React. He introduced React-Helmet for working with meta tags.

Does anyone know about SEO in Aurelia (Browser/SSR)?
Can anyone provide comparisons with other frameworks in this regard?

Is there any training in this area? How to make Aurelia SEO friendly?

I have meta tags working fine on mine now with a modified version of SSR.

Keep posted on here. I’ll post a fork of the skeleton with some details over the coming week or so (whenever I get some free time).


@rquast is experimenting away with meta tags for SSR
He’s got a running example @

deep link to gitter

There is also a topic
server-side-rendering-improvements on discourse…

Idea behind is to have aurelia render the meta tags on client and on server
Don’t know yet how it will pan out for crawlers that execute javascript… will they rescan meta tags after navigating via js

but for ssr - seems pretty solid

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That’s a good point about them possibly crawling through the JS and checking the meta. Might have to add code to also update the meta dynamically too (not hard).

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It would be great if you share your experiments (both Browser/SSR).

I ran a quick google page speed insights. Looks like they think it runs okay. I also run it behind a reverse nginx proxy with gzip and 304 not modified etc enabled.

Page speed is important for SEO because Google ranks pages more highly if they load faster and work better on mobile devices and so on. They’re pushing PWA (progressive web apps), so they may even rank sites running service workers more highly. The more optimizations the better. Meta tags for description and keywords is important, and so is opengraph tags for things like facebook, twitter, discord, rocket chat, and any other chat/posting program that reads opengraph meta tags for website previews.

Apart from the minification options in the webpack config, I also run all of the images through when I save them, to improve speed.



May I ask you if you have time publish a post about How to make Aurelia apps SEO friendly in both Browser and SSR?

I believe your knowledge and experience can help everyone.
I have a very low level of knowledge in this field and I am confident that this information will also help others.

@HamedFathi sure… I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

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that way please (-:


Ideally, any page (view) in an Aurelia app should be able to have microdata representations for:

  • Open Graph (Facebook)
  • Twitter Cards
  • JSON+LD structured data (Google)

What Aurelia needs is something like “Helmet” from React/Vue:

Maybe it can be ported to Aurelia somehow? @rquast?

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Here’s how they do it in Nuxt (vue’s SSR implemtation):

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Also, vue-meta:

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@nathanchase great. I hope somebody help us on this way. Thanks for sharing with us.

If you can choose your hosting, here’s my experience while learning Aurelia and making SEO work with it

Using Netlify hosting without SSR.

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I think yes. Besides metadata, you will need to provide href to <a> elements in addition to route-href or click.delegate() so that Googlebot can follow links in your site.

<a href="${router.generate(viewName, params}"

See this post for detail.

Does Googlebot trace route-href? (SEO tips) - #2 by HIRANO-Satoshi]