Routing placeholders

This is a bit of a odd question and to be honest I am unsure of how to beset describe this so please excuse me while I try and fumble around the question.

Currently while configuring a route I use the simple and standard definition of:
route: [‘welcome’], name: ‘welcome’, moduleId: ‘views/welcome/welcome’, nav: true, title: ‘Welcome’

When I run the app at: everything is fine.
I would like to have placeholders in the route and also get the values from those placeholders during navigation.

For example:

During the startup of the app I want to get the values “placeholder1” and “placeholder2” from the path but route it to the same moduleId regardless of what the value of the placeholder values are.

I tried something like this
route: [’:ph1/:ph2/welcome’], name: ‘welcome’, moduleId: ‘views/welcome/welcome’, href: “/”, nav: true, title: ‘Welcome’

but it results in a page not found when trying to access it like this

Any ideas on what I could do here?